MKMMA Week 22A: Science – Running Everything Since The Beginning of Time


Science is a systematic enterprise that creates, builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. (Wikipedia)

The SCIENCE of getting rich.

A mentor once told me that having money was the closest we could come to being God on earth.  The more you have, the more you are able to help.

Although I understood the logic, I recognized pangs of uncomfortable around that statement that I now recognize as the subby’s old blueprint at work.

Who do I think I am, trying to be “God”?
Who do I think I am, thinking I could become “rich”?

The SCIENCE of getting rich tells me, basically, that anyone can do it.
“Rich” is about more than money
There is a body of knowledge behind it.
And that anyone that follows the correct, systematic, process can achieve it.
The process is simple.
And it starts within.

As I read those last words, it came to me that the attaining process starts within. But the attaining brings out more of what is already inside.  We see so many people in all areas of “attainment” reach back, reach out, and become a bigger life force for good in the world.

And we see some who simply don’t.

I feel the power alive in my area of passion,
where I see even more clearly how my mentors are following the principles.

I can feel the palpable excitement within myself and my partners, just having “virtual riches” to give.

I can feel the subby expanding, growing, learning, and accepting.

“The inner work we do is so vital to any external changes we want to see happen. ” – Melanie Martin



MKMMA – Week 22 Silence Is Golden

I never realized how rare moments of silence are
until I looked for blocks of time within my own life where I could be completely silent and alone with myself.

Not alone, completing a task.

Simply, alone, with myself.

Not simply for moments, but hours, even days.

And even more so, to find those times without the hinderance of someone else’s emotions.

I’m still looking.  But now with purpose.

Just the fact that it is so rare
let’s me know that it’s worth finding.

MKMMA Week 21 – The Art of Life

is The art of recognition.

No more will life just happen.

I’ve realized that just as we recognize the positive characteristics in others and events, recognizing fear, guilt, anger, hurt feeling and feelings of unworthiness in others
gives us power to totally change the dynamics of the relationship
by giving us the opportunity to change our response.

MKMMA Week 20 – It’s a plan!

When have you ever heard anyone say “I have a plan for your success”?

In so many areas of life, there is no plan.
We pick friends, college majors, spouses, choose careers or jobs, have babes …  and more,
all usually without a conscious plan.  And usually, it all turns out OK.

But can you imagine what life might be like
lived with the outcome in mind.

That is why I love the Master Key Experience.

It’s a progression, sometimes hard to comprehend,

but a well thought out plan to free yourself to live your best life now.

By someone who is doing so
And is willing to share the knowledge.

What could be better than that?!


MKMMA Week 18 – I Am Love


This FELT like an “Assignment” and I’m so glad that despite my feelings, I did it anyway.

This week, there were 2 movies we could choose from to watch.   I had never heard of either, so of course, I ‘googled’ them.  One sounded interesting so on the chosen night I sat down to find it.  I couldn’t.  The other one, sounded incredibly boring, even disturbing, so I had no desire to watch it.  Of course, that’s the one I found right off on Netflix.  I spend an incredible amount of time time looking for the other movie, until finally, I just gave up.

OK. I’ll watch “I Am”

I was totally unprepared for the revelations and confirmations that I received from that movie.

We are in a “participatory universe”.  (love that phrase!)

Some of us know that our thoughts and actions affect our outcomes, but this movie documented physical connections and responses to how our mind affects reality that I never imagined.

It showed how we are more connected than ever thought, in such a way that if some knew and believed, would erase all bigotry, racism, hatred, evilness because what you do to someone else,
believe me,
you do to those you love.

And it confirmed what the MKMMA experience has reaffirmed for me
a consistent theme that is running in everything that I am involved in
and what I have had the opportunity to share with others…

Love IS all you need.

God is love.

When we operate in God/Love

we change

Lives change.

and this world will be a better place.

MKMMA Week 17a Simple Power

“Desire added to concentration will wrench any secret from nature.”

This is a reminder to me that power lies in something that is simple to do
and to simply not do.

I had to go back to the basics, acknowledge my own burning desires and commit to the habits that strengthen the power within.